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(no subject) [May. 19th, 2005|08:24 pm]
YO WUSSUP...oh man it has been a long while since my last update. alright well i've been pretty much the same grounded for a few weekends nothin TOO harsh..but i'm gettin through. uhhh tommorow BIG ass rugby game. we need all the support we can get. ummmm right now the biggest debate in my head is whether to play football or not. i KINDA want to to see if i would be good enough to start, but i dont want to have to deal with all the bullshit practices and stuff. well yesterday i got signed up for summer school i will be retaking both sessions of algebra 2. should be a walk in the park second time around...hopefully. ummm pretty much i have become obsessed with rugby it's overtaking my LIFE. kiddddiinnggg. but seriously it is the best sport EVER. ummmm i dont know what else to say but i'm soo happy with everyone right now im just mr. good mood right now.

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(no subject) [Apr. 12th, 2005|07:00 pm]
This first part is going to be directed towards one person in particular. you may think that i've been an asshole the last few days cause i don't stop and talk to you or say anything to you during class anymore, that's because you only say negative things about me. whether it's about the hair or the sweatshirt or the sandals, always negative. i'm just tired of it. i don't recall sayin anything mean about you. maybe you know who you are, maybe you'll catch on. i don't want to confront you about it cause i only see you in school, and i don't try and raise that kind of drama in school. but that's how i feel about it. i've always thought you were cool, just i'm fuckin tired of these comments non stop. i don't care about a few comments, i know i dish out the shit talkin and joke makin, it's what i'm all about, but again i'm still nice to you. i dunno maybe you'll catch on. if you do cool.

on the brighter side. today at rugby our coach told us that our scrum (me and four other guys) are being recruited for an indiana travel team. pretty badass. our coach says he's pretty damn sure that A.J and i will make it, and probaly spathea. so now me and A.J. are being recruited by two major teams. incase you havent heard about the other one, it's the USA under 19 league. one of the coaches wants me and A.J to go out to one of there summer camps, with the team. PRETTY FUCKIN BADASS.

also spring break was pretty tight...nothing too interesting, just a nice family trip.

that's about all...
latas homies
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(no subject) [Apr. 2nd, 2005|01:34 pm]

SUP' alright well as we all are well aware of spring break is HERE. oh man thursday night...broke in spring break JUUSSTTT right. tommorow morning i leave for tha motha effin BAHAMAS. i'll be gone sunday to sunday. also in the bahamas phone charges are OUTRAGEOUS, it's like .69 cents a MINUTE PLUS roaming charges...so i wont be calling anyone. i MIGHT be able to get on the internet and whatnot. but our resort that we are stayin in was JJUUUSSTTT built, and it has a pool, and it's RIGHT on the beach. SCHWING. i hope everyone has a good spring break, keep it safe, i don't wanna hear about ANYONE gettin locked up. alright well...i'll be headin out now. oh yeah when i get back i'm gonna be black, just a heads up.
PEACE foos
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WOO HOO [Mar. 26th, 2005|11:04 pm]
[its a kick in a glass |chillaxxeeddd]
[the beets |PHISH : birds of feather]

WASSUP all well i just got back home my curfew was 11 tonight...i was hanging out at brittany hickeys with carter kennedy dustin jonny nikole and muarer...pretty SWEEELLL night. uhh i turned 17 last thursday and carter did WEDNESDAY baaddasss. today i dropped 30 bucks on phish live 16. it rocks. tommorow is easter, TIGHT. rugby is going reall well, i'm having alot of fun playing. school...well school goes well except math..at least brittany and erika are in that class to help pass the time. i'm contemplating sneaking out right now and goin over to spatheas, where it is an open house. but i dont want to cause i have to get up early and go to grandmas tommorow. alright well i guess i'll call it quits on this bullshit entry, cause it seems its going NOWHERE. so happy easter to alllll.

peace out FOOS
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SUP' [Mar. 5th, 2005|10:22 am]
[its a kick in a glass |PUMPED]

supppp foos. yeah it is me THE mac attack. im just chillaxin tryin to get in the zone, for our FIRST rugby game which is in a few hours. i am so excited rugby is so fuckin badass. i have to be there in like half an hour and stuff, to help set up. haha brad is trying to have a huge tailgate in the parking lot but i dont see him getting his ass up to do it. but alot of people are sayin they want to come and watch me and spathea tear this team apart. man i am so excited. i just wanna get out there and EFF some kids up. umm i havent updated in a while...not MUCH has changed. uhh right now im just talkin to jessy online...shes pretty cool. uhh last night hung out with SOOO many people at karls...i dont even want to name all of them, but some of the kids in the mix were spathea brad mark john ryan dustin lorin jenna erica brett and his girl and then like 20 more... it was pretty cool. then i went hoommee then slept and now im here. school this six weeks is lookin better than most and im happy about that. for those of you who care beth has NOT changed..i got into a small fight with her yesterday...that might become more common between me and her, because she will ALWAYS back down to me.. she can not stand up against all my smartass comments and such. i shouldnt be proud of that but she needs to learn that she can not run my life. that is for my mom and dad to do. i have fallen completely head over heels for LED ZEPPELIN. oh man..i have been a fan for a LONG time now, but their music NEVER gets old to me. i LOVE THEM. alright well i gotta start gettin ready to bust some ass this afternoon. i gotta get over to the fields and help set up and what not. call me latas tonight if you wanna CHILL. peace foo.
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...sadness [Jan. 2nd, 2005|11:38 am]
[the beets |rhcp]

well guys...its finally coming to a close. break is ALMOST over. i had a FLIPPIN SWEET time. school is gonna be pretty rough tommorow..so im REALLY looking forward to going. i cant say enough of how much fun i had over break, meeting alot of new people. i made some new close friends like ryan kennedy FOR SURE.. fuckin awesome kid i love him to death. and dustin rachel and SARA of couuurrseeee :). kaitlynn is now 16. makes me feel like a youngster cause shes as old as i am now. ummm new years was not quite the way i wanted it to go. i had a good time where i was and the people i was with but it wasnt actually the people i WANTED to be with. ummm today is sunday my day of rest...which i probably wont even do. some people want to go to BW 3's so im gonna try and go with them. ummm i think thats about all that is new

catcha latas
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WUUTTUUUPPPP [Dec. 24th, 2004|04:29 am]
WHAT THE EFF IS UP? aaigghtt so it's winter break and its the EVE of christmas eve (yeah the real deal). ummm break started friday, had a really good time. followed by saturday ANOTHER fantastic night. then sunday ANOTHER good time, monnddaayy a GOOD TIME. uhh ive met alot of cool people over break so far not sure who'll be friends and who will stay at aquaintences. ummm ive hung out with sara sharp a few times shes rilll tiigghttt umm rachel, some girls from brebuf alotta people from carmel...i'm kinda gettin the urge to go ice skating. there are some plans that are being talked about and going ice skating which is always a good time. let's see it FINALLY snowed alot so its time to play in the snow. i still plan on hanging out with a lot more people like some people i have'nt hung out with in a long time. christmas is coming up...CAN'T WAIT. new years eve...always a good time. uhh lately ive been hangin out with mark wade and john mcgrath alot occasionally seein sunny and kristi and betsy. i'm on a streak so far ive been to steak n shake EVERY night. been kicked out 2 or three times. umm well tonight is looking to be another promising night, HOPEFULLY. well i'll probbaly do another update after christmas
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boohoo [Nov. 27th, 2004|11:13 am]

You Are From the Sun

Of all your friends, you're the shining star.
You're dramatic - loving attention and the spotlight.
You're a totally entertainer and the life of the party.
Watch out! The Sun can be stubborn, demanding, and flirty.
Overall, you're a great leader and great friend. The very best!

chhh stubborn my ASS...demanding my ASS

alright well id say this thing summed it up nicely. alright well the last few weeks have just been non stop fun. im TRYIN hard to get a job at mellow mushroom, cause i really want a job THUR. its saturday. im havin a good time YEAH: KHCNAC_(Q#$NNNASJZX
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WOO HOO [Oct. 31st, 2004|02:20 pm]
[the beets |the colts game]

today is HALLOWEEN. thas rilll tigghttt. alright THIS WEEKEND went as follows. after school i went home and chillaxed for the first time all week, twas soooo nice. alright then around like 8 mcgrath came over and he met my dad and checked out my house and stuff...then we left and met brad at omalias, for we were on our way to holiday road..well from what i had heard about it, it WAS pretty scary. but me and mcgrath werent phased at all and neither was brad THIS TIME. but we got there and werent spooked at all and we started goin on this trail while it was dark and stizzuff then we went off roading...then we went and got like 7 more people and went back out there with the hopes of scaring the bejesus out of them...didnt work...and all 3 cars started FIRST try. alright then i got home around 12 all in all it was a VERY SWELL night.

SATURDAY: i wake up around 10...hang out around here than i talk to beck and me him brett and alex made plans to go to bw3's so we did that and also went to broad ripple and just chillaxed for a while which was RILL tight...then i came home around 4 30 abd spent some time here before goin out for the night...well that night joey picked me up and he had 2 friends with him bryan and alec...and they are supremely badass.. well we went to best buy and searched and then we went back to joes and watched 2 episodes of pimp my ride...THEN we went to a pretty badass party...where i saw christina whom ihavent seen since like 8th grade...and i met jessica shes pretty badass as well. THAN DREW showed up...i havent seen him since brittney and him got in a car accident..so we caught up and stuff and chilled..it was RILLLLL tiggghtttt. uhhh than me alec and joe left around 12 30 and i guess once we left the party died so jessica got kinda pissed when we left. hahaha that sucks. but we went to taco bell and than back to joes. me and alec stayed the night there and than i came back home in the morning and now im just chillaxin at home until latas...PEACE HOMIES
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chh yo wutttuuuppp [Oct. 12th, 2004|11:05 am]
yo homes...hmm its been a while to say the least. the first six weeks of school is over...as you all are well aware of, i need to work a tad harder this six weeks to make sure that my semester report card is just..well...stunning. but i do imagine that is kinda hard when i have mono, thats right i have mono i went to the doctor on uhh yesterday morning, the doctor looked in my throat and almost threw up. and proceeded to make comments like gross and ewwwww, and one stellar comment "that sucks". for those of you that dont know...my mouth had ALMOST swollen all the way closed in the back...CRAZY YO. well she gave me lots of prescribtions and stuff and im on my way to recovery. also, since august i have lost 30 pounds...with a little help from the whole mono thing but still, pretty badass if you ask me. well having mono means i can not play football for i think the rest of the year, becuase it means my liver has swelled up and is now exposed under my ribcage, and if i took a hit to the stomach it could cause internal bleeding...hmm doesnt sound too cool, i dunno maybe i could do it and start a trend at carmel high school, which isnt the hardest thing to do anymore. i bought a new cd last week on thursday after i went to the doctor for the first time, i purchased Dream Theater "scenes from a memory" let me know if youve heard it...i think its just astonishing. alright well i have to get out of here...and do some school work so i dont get too far behind while im out of school for these couple of days, latas foos.
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(no subject) [Aug. 13th, 2004|08:13 am]
alllrrigghhhtt so i geuss its been a while...i got my schedule and pictures the other day..great fun. i saw tim bowen there and last night i was informed that he dan dora beck warwick and bill mcqauil were all arrested...turns out tim was the one who got caught by the police while they were garage hopping...and tim told the cops where the other three would be hiding out. yeah thats complete bullshit. alright well in other news my summer has been pretty rad..i cant say ive done much basically the same thing everyday justhanging out with frriends and what not. tonight i have a football scrimmage against lawrence central. ill finally get to play and im just hoping one of them doesnt try and s tick it in my but. hahhaha alot of funny stuff has been done over the summer...last night i almost made brad pee his pants...we were driving down rangeline and we were by the police station and i got half way out the window and threw my cup of baja blast and i nailed the big sign that says "stop here on red" and brad ALMOST peed his pants. i think to day me brad and alex oberheide might go visit those sad ass punks in jail. im hopin to see some people i havent seen in a couple of days, as well. ahaha i have a spider man foam hand..and let me tell you ITS EFFING AWESOME. OH YEAH last night i found out that the coaches actually know my name...cause brad heinz was sitting out because they dont have his physical. so he was standing next to two of the coaches and i was bein stupid and blah blah blah we know how that gets but one of the coaches says to the other "is that mcdaniel" "yeah, i dont have him on my roster though" then the first one says "neither do i" then brad tells them that i was injured for a while and they asked where and brad said left shoulder and then my coach goes "are you sure it wasnt between the ears" YESSS I HAVE DONE IT MY COACHES THINK IM CRAZY. that makes me very happy. and to know that i have done it in about 2 weeks makes me happier. alright this is a long enough of a bull shit entry. my schedule is as follows

english 11/histoy
japanese 3
english 11/history
media/radio lab
algebra 2

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(no subject) [Jul. 22nd, 2004|01:02 pm]
hmm it has been a while since i updated...alot has happened.

alright well the whole week in new york thing went VERY un smoothly...infact they threatened to send us home 5 days early...most of this was mine and josh's doing. with our smartass remarks to everything..our bad attitudes..and our crude humor. well they didnt send everyone home...but there next step was to just send josh and i home..that would not have been good cause my parents probably would have beaten me...times 2. well my youth pastor proceeded to get more and more pissed when he finds out that i picked a fight with a homeless man, tlaked back to a black woman on the streets, talked back to a gangster, bought a lighter, stole some first class water on the plane home...which ISNT stealing cause its free water anyway. hmm well it turns out my youth pastor quit his job a few days ago...and usually i should feel guilty cause i think most of it is my doing. but no...hes a jerk..and he told us all he wanted to do in the 4 years he worked there was quit...so im done with him. other than that football camp started this week..its been a breeze...ive gotten in trouble a few times, AGAIN for my mouth. you know youd think id learn after the first few times...but i never do, and were gonna keep it that way. hmm more trouble with the parents, because monday night at dinner i got 6 phone calls...pretty lame if you ask me. alright well ive been hangin out ALOT with my friends who friggin rock the world, not to mention my pants. so ill give some shout outs to the kids ive been with..BRITTNEY KAIYLNN KAYLA SCOTT ZACH BECKIE AMY...the other neighbors who else is there...hmm theres alot of people i havent seen much like alan and greg and ben and mike. alex, molly, adrienne. oh well school starts now in less than a month...not to mention 2 a days,, pretty sucky ass if you ask me..but so far this summer has rocked the JIZZOUSE...now im outa here latas homes
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(no subject) [Jun. 28th, 2004|09:52 am]
holy flaming poo. this summer is still spaz tastic. umm the last few days... friday can quite remember..oh yeah went to my sisters softball game..so that wasnt much fun. but then saturday morning at around 11 brittney mo fuggiiinnnn Hizzaall came ova, and for the next like 38 hours i was with her. umm we hung out at my moms house...and had good times! then we picked up my nicky poo, and headed over to kaitlynns where we found zacharia and kayla...and of course WINSSTOONNN and lizzy. umm we chilled there and in the hot tub then the one and only beckster came ova. hhmmm can never go too much into detail on the hot tub part...but well leave it at this, SHOE. umm that was a grand night then i went with the b hall to her crib in andersizzon and crashed THUR with HUR. ummm sunday woke up and hung oOt with brittney and her crazy cool motha and she made us a supreme breakfast...then we got cleaned up and headed ova to the kizzaitlynns...those crazy canadian bastards. then we went to the mall and then to my moms house and hung out...do i really need to say naked or is that a given by now? umm then we went over to kaitlynns then i came home and my parents got reall pissed off cause i guess they didnt know where i was, and they tried callin me twice i guess but i never heard or felt my phone ring. but now i have to s tay in today and tommorow...unless i suck major ass up. which i am very capable of doing. right now i just got back from football workouts...and i smell HORRIBLE...why i chose to do this right now i dont know. but tis all good and now i shall go get un dirrty.

OH YEAH while with brittney we decided we are going to make a movie, and it will probably be the FUNNIEST porno you will have ever seen...

one thing about kaitlynn she cant say OUT and ABOUT so give her HELL about it.

this one is for brittney..."CAN YOU SMELL IT?" ....sorry
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sex...and VIOLENASDMCEF [Jun. 24th, 2004|08:16 am]
oh man these last 2 weeks or so..have just been WOW. i think everyday i have done something with friends...which is the way it should be. LAST NIGHT iwent to PHISH...oh man it was so orgasmic. traffic leading up to the show was HORRIBLE took us 30 minutes to go ONE mile. oh well, there were so many people there i over heard that TWENTY THOUSAND were camping out. so my guess is around 50,000 people were there. oh man this summer has been VERY amazing, and its gonna get ALOT better. sorry for the weak ass update cause there is sooooo much more i could say...but basically it comes down to this...im too lazy to type it out. AHHAHAHAH #1 commercial EVER is the one for orbitz when the guy is playin hide and seek in the office with the seal...and the guy says "ready or ot here i come" and the seal makes his seal noises then the guy walks into the room and the seal is in the middle of the room and he says "ahhaaaa" oh man its so great.


tis about all for now
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(no subject) [Jun. 14th, 2004|08:47 am]
alright well...one person asked for it so here it goes...plus im sitting here with nothing to do.
this dates back to last hmmm thursday i guess.
THURSDAY: beth woke me up at 7 30 because she wanted me to go search for a job, which i did NOT do. instead i took the lexus out and put 50 miles on it and told the parents i applied for several jobs. in reality i went and saw my sister at her place of work, who i havent seen in about 2 months. so i stopped and and we talked for a while and it turns out all the other chicks who work with her think im really hot and about 19, SCHWING. alright enough of that. around 11 30 bradley heinz came and picked me up and we were off to football camp. on the way there brad and i went TWENTY miles in the wrong direction...wow. but the whole time we were driving and i saw a window down or a kid outside i would get half way out the window and moon them or yell at them. once we got in anderson we saw an old guy on a bike, so brad and i could NOT resist but to yell at him. and upon yelling at him he looked at us and said these words "fuck you you fuckin kids" after he had said those words he gave us the finger. brad and i DIED laughing..we almost crashed. alright so we finally made it there. and i found out i had to room with RJ PINTO...which i guess is not bad at all. i guess you could say i had some fun. but not in a gay homo kinda way. so we had 2 practices and the day was over.

FRIDAY: alright after going to bed at about 1 we had to wake up at 7 30 for morning practice. but before that brad and i thought it would be funny to steal RJ's shoes...so we did and he told the couch someone took them and the WHOLE team had to run...and they said if it happens again were dead...so then were on our break after first practice and its lunch time after that everyone is dead tired..and pissed cause we still have 2 more practices that day. well brad and i caused somemore trouble...brad threw a bannana at me while i was in the bathroom...so being the jokestar i am i acted like i was really pissed and threw it back...except i made it EXPLODE. then brad came in with shaving cream and we made a mess...not too big of one but still a mess..i guess the couch found out and after the afternoon practice in the blazing sun and humidity we had to do HELLA running...because of brad and i we have now made the whole team run twice in the same day. so basically the whole team wants to KILL us. so we realize that we cant screw up again, and just try and stay low..and we tried hard. alright then after afternoon practice was dinner, then night practice. yes three practices on friday. KILLER. then
SATURDAY: i went to bed at like 2 and again had to wake up at 7 for morning practice. then there was a long break and brad and i made more messes but didnt get caught then there was afternoon practice...then we ould leave. so brad and i got our shit as fast as possble and got out of there. well were on our way out of anderson...and we see the SAME old man on his bike..so brad turns around and we drive back by him and iget half way out the window and go "remember us you old fuck" and gave him the finger...he responded with "fuck you fuckin kids" and the finger so we turned around AGAIN. and brad yelled "YOU SMELL LIKE POOP" and he went HAYWIRE. but then we died laughing because we saw him again. wow the ride home was HELLA fun lots of yelling and stupid stuff. then brittney came over and hung out for a little while and then i had a family dinner then went back out with brittney for a little while. then came home and did some more nothing. i went to bed around 2

SUNDAY: my dad wakes me up at FIVE in the morning so we can leave for cleveland ohio. we were going there so we could go to a baseball game and then to the rock n roll hall of fame. and my dad of course makes me drive about 2 hours on the way there and i was HELLA tired. i might have dosed for a few seconds im not sure but i kept it all under control. so we got there in about 5 hours, and went to the baseball game. which was pretty cool. i got a cool spider man foam hand that i will actually wear around, and the cheap mask that came with it, both of which were free at the gate. then we left in like the 7th inning and went to the rock n roll hall of fame. wow i did nothing but cream my pants. i sat down in a little theater thing, and then a live performance by jimi hendrix came on, wow...i seriously needed a new pair of pants after that. but that closed at 5 30 and i was pissed cause i wasnt done yet, so i will be going back their in the future. but on the way home my dad drove the first few hours then he made me drvie the last three. well he told me we wouldnt get home untill about 10 30. well he took a long nap...and i just HALLed ass (yes i know i spelled that wrong it should be hauled) and i got us home at 9 30. i was like "hell yeah" and those were my exact words. well i got back and some people were outside...so i suggested we go swimming, but i was feeling extra lazy so i just went in all my clothes.
TODAY: i ended up going to bed around 1 30 and i had to get up at 630 to go to weightlifting and run for football. and now im home and im waiting for something to do. i have an eye appointment at 3 but i just want to bring someone with me when i go cause i dont want to go. but thats about it.

i have just realized this was a HELL of a long entry but i have been gone the last few days and decided id catch everyone up. im REALLY tired cause i havent slept past 8 in hte last five nights and WOW.

tis all for now fools.
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(no subject) [Jun. 14th, 2004|12:06 am]
...i have been gone wayy tooo long...i might do a long entry about the last few days/week of my life if i feel the need or, or there are enough votes for me to sit here and type it out...
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(no subject) [Jun. 6th, 2004|06:09 pm]
YO YO YO rap masta flexes? what it is ddaawwwgggsss. its is 6 on sunday i have no plans yet but i know tonight is gonna be a GREAT night...just a feeling. today while brushing my teeth i remembered an old memory of when brittney beckie me and kayla were all hangin out at her house and we rented house of the dead and it was the worst movie ever. ahah then we got pulled over oh man what an insane night that was. alright well for those of you who were worried about me, since i wasnt myself for last week or two i am now back to normal. and very good. AND SUMMER HAS STARTED. this shall be the summer to remember. im soooooo hype to the izzer right now so someone please call me and lets hang to the izzzzzooooouuuuuuuttttttttttt.


to all of you who were worried, i love you all and thanks for carin/lookin out for old mac attizzack
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(no subject) [May. 27th, 2004|12:29 pm]
tongiht ill be your naughty girl...
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(no subject) [May. 26th, 2004|11:17 am]
oh shit son..today is wednesday AND I JUST GOT MY LICENSE. i now have everything except a car. well i just got back at school, and im chillin in the library cause im not gonna sign back in until aftyer 7th period cause i dont want to give my speech that i have to give this period..and basically im THAT hard. well this is my first day with my license..and beth let me drop her off at home, and said i could drive back to school..since ill be staying for weightlifting, then i get to drive to church. total schwing. um well im gonna go do some stuff that is very unproductive, cause thats what i do. i shall talk to you all later.

i wanna give a shout out to my true homies: b double diggy, Q, masta commanda, leader, little dog, killer, biggie dizzle, left side, 6th sense, right hand, ant killa, and poop shizzle off the izzle for rizzle at 7 oclock on friday night. these are my gangstas that i roll with..much love to each of them
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oh my... [May. 16th, 2004|12:22 am]

lets start with friday: friday after school i went back to my dads and hung out with the b rizzle which is always supreme. then we called up beckie and we got her over then ali came over then amy came over and we all hung out and had hella time. ahahahha at aroung 9 i lost my pants which had a HUGE hole in them...in the ass. and the ladies suggestes i just keep my pants off...so i did and i just chilled in my boxers. oh yeah before that ali had to leave...sorry bout your luck foo. we played hide and go seek in my scary basement and i cheated once cause i didnt find anyone after like 10 minutes..and somewhere in there i ripped my boxers so i had to go change. then i got dropped off at my moms house and that was basically my night.

SATUURRRDDAAYYY: saturday i woke up kinda late...aroung 11 and i went to costco with my mom and rick. where my mom managed to run the cart COMPLETELY over my bare foot cause i was wearing sandals. then at 3 i went over to kaylas only to find beckie and kayla. ahahaha IT WAS AWESOME so us 3 hung out then at like 4 EVERY one showed up at once brian nikki brittney kaitlyn and zach...then we all went to the hotel. we met up with ben there after HAULLING MAJOR ass on the highway. oh man then we all got into the pool. i cant go into major detail there was just too much fun. then scottie showed up. then we all hung out in the room..and some "things" were found..OH YEAH i forgot to say i put on a strip show for all of kaylas geusts PLEASE RATE MY SHOW OUT OF 10. too bad it wasnt caught on camera. then we did presents after eating then got back in the pool..and then went to the hot tub...oh man i shall not go into detail about that..ill leave it at WOW. then i got a MAJOR nut tap from ben...oh god..and kayla has it on tape. oh man alot more was done...but i highly doubt anyone reads this..so ill leave with tonight was sooooo awesome and id like to thank kaylas parents for having SEX 16 years and nine months ago.

this is a VERY VERY short summary of my night. my night was SO amazing and it on tape and photographs. oh man it was just so awesome ill probably never forget it!. beckie kayla brittney kaitlyn nikki brian zach ben and scott YOU ALL ROCK MY NUTS..except the last 9 people they dont. AHHAHA if you have read this far...i applaud you and remember to rate my strip show.
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